My first Mate 20 Lite crash

  • 20 November 2018
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I experienced my first hard-lock and then reboot today. It was caused when I search for a name on the home swipe-to-search feature. I've checked again and it seems to do for any search time. It locks up the entire phone with not even the home button working.

Is this a known issue with the Mate 20 Lite's weak CPU or an EMUI issue?

I've left the vast majority of settings on default.

Build: SNE-LX1 (C432) ⬅️ This build has created a lot of instability for me, but the Huawei support person told me that there is a new build to fix the issues it causes and I'll have to wait. This is a pretty bad experience so far.

1 reply

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Hi Piers,

I do believe we have started a conversation in PM, sorry to hear you are having such a rough start with the device, but since we are already talking via PM i will do my best to help out all these matters.

Best wishes,