New to Huawei and new to Android

  • 24 November 2018
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I've been a very long time Apple fanboy, have had iPhones for the past 5+ years and have 4 Apple computers in the house. Let's just say, it would have been impossible to first me away from their products. That was until my mate showed me his phone. A Huawei. Who??

I'm a photographer and he showed me some snaps he shot on his phone. They were AMAZING! I was jealous but there's no way I'm going to change from Apple.

My Mrs told me I should look at Android. I looked at the P20 Pro which took my fancy. Then the Mate 20 Pro was being advertised. I took the plunge and ordered on one EE with the free charger and watch.

I must say, l LOVE this phone! I'm still getting used to Android but love the build, size, screen quality, battery and flexibility it offers. The camera is amazing!!! The phone is not perfect, having a few bugs in the OS and the green edge but I'm confident Huawei will iron these issue out.

I look forward to using it every day. 😁

1 reply

I use to have the iPhone 7 plus but then went on the Huawei p9 light and never looked back they are so good fast look nice and so much more I have upgraded every time i have a Huawei mate p20 pro and now want the smart watch wanting to try the Huawei watch GT Huawei is awesome