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  • 25 March 2019
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I have some live wallpapers (free or paid apps from playstore) that I had on my previous phone.
But I can't see how to use them, they are not proposed in the wallpapers list in the theme customization...
Any way ?

4 replies

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Just checked my p20 pro and I have the same problem in the standard phone setting.
I do use Next Launcher which still allows me to pick the themes, wallpapers and icon packs that I have downloaded myself. So for me not an issue per say but does seem to be a bug.

Interestingly in the settings it does show the wallpaper I'm using in the pre screen wallpapers Icon just not when you press and go in.
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See here the Dot live wallpaper is set with my next launcher theme.
In the settings next to wallpapers it shows the Dots icon.
Then in the wallpaper list where it shows the live wallpapers, there is no Dots live wallpaper showing at all.

Yes, that's what I see too !
I tried with another launcher, Nova.
I can set the wallpaper of my choice with Nova (only the home screen, not the lockscreens), but after some time (about a day or so), the wallpaper is restored to the Mate 20 pro theme's default wallpaper.
I hope it will fixed soon, because I can't find a good enough one in Huawei store...
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In mine it used to sometimes reset I think it might be to do with how long the screen is off for. I did try going to settings, battery, app launch, then turned off manage all automatically. And that seems to have solved the issue of it resetting.