Notification while on silent mode Mate 20 Pro

  • 11 July 2019
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Hi All,

The issue simply is when I put my phone in no disturb mode and anybody call me of course I don't hear the ring which is normal however after the missed call I will hear a sound notification for it which usually disturbing my sleep, I search everywhere to stop it however I couldn't find any option to stop it.
My phone is mate 20 pro and it is updated till the last update.
I hope somebody here can help me.

4 replies

settings/call management/missed calls/and turn it off
settings/call management/missed calls/and turn it off
Are you sure we are talking about the same device?
There is no call management or missed calls settings in mate 20 pro.
yes mate 20 pro, but on emui 9
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Hi Brent,

Unfortunately the community does not seem to have an answer for your query. Please reach out to our official support channels if you still need assistance: