Official Type C Earphone works only after opening video or music.

  • 24 May 2019
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Hi guys. I bought 2 weeks ago a Mate 20 Pro. I didn't use Type C earphone which is already in box until today. First of all i plug in this earphone and open a video then it didn't work, video sound came from speaker. Then i try adapter with regular earphone it was working great. So i thought that the problem is type c earphone. Then i tried first open music then plug in type c earphone and it worked. But what a silly thing. You have to open media then plug in earphone. What is the problem? İ think it is absolutely software problem. What do you thing? İs it a bug?

4 replies

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Sounds like possible faulty usbc headphones, when plugged in all audio should come through them.

Have you tried updating your device?

Have you tried a full factory reset of your device?

Silly question 😅😜 but is volume up on all levels.
Yes it is updated already and still problem continues. I can't do factory reset it is 2 weeks phone. Interesting thing is you have to open media then plug in type c earphone.. I think it is really a bug. How can i share this bug to Huawei staff?
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Hi Strat8ender,

Sorry for the lack of replies in this thread. It's flagged for our support team but they still have a lot of outstanding questions. Please reach out to our official support channels if you still need assistance or if you want to raise this issue:
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suggesting a few troubleshooting steps:

Have you tried to restart your phone with the adapter connected to the phone and see if it is still the cause? try disconnecting it and connect the adapter again afterwards too.
Sometimes a simple restart solves these little "bugs"

hopefully this solves the issues you are having.