P20 Pro vs. Mate 20 Pro.

  • 12 March 2019
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I honestly don't know which one to go for.
I'm on the Mate 9 Pro now, and I have the option of getting the P20 Pro for 300$ or the Mate 20 Pro for 680$, give or take a few bucks.
I've tried to look and get a feel of both phones, but I'm really not sure which one to get. I feel like I've read all the articles and looked at the comparisons, but.. I'm still not sure.
Hoping you guys can give me more clarity.

5 replies

I have the mate 20 Pro, and I have to say, it's the best phone I have ever owned, camera is amazing, battery fantastic, screen and performance second to none, I can't recommend the mate 20 Pro highly enough, truly a brilliant phone.
I am using the mate 20 Pro and by far has the best features of any other Huawei phone as I am using it and haven't got bored or annoyed with it I definitely think the mate 20 Pro is the best option just make sure you buy a case
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The Mate 20 Pro is pretty much the best option out there at the moment. The P20 Pro lacks the in-screen fingerprint sensor, wireless (and reverse wireless) charging, more secure facial recognition and newer 980 processor of the Mate 20 Pro. Also, the Mate 20 Pro features a wide-angle lens in place of the P20 Pro's monochrome lens, but otherwise picture quality is pretty similar (some may even say the P20 Pro is a little better due to that monochrome detail).

They also have different designs. The Mate 20 Pro has a curved screen, which is a love/ hate thing) but also sports a wider notch.

Overall, I'd say pay the extra for the Mate, which will still be right up there in a year from now. Either that or hang on for the P20 Pro's successor (P30 Pro) which is revealed later this month. However, if money's the major factor, $300 is a really great bargain for the P20 Pro, which is still a fantastic phone.

Hope this helps.
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I had both devices, i agree the mate 20 pro is the better option but the lack of after sales supports / update support is a concern for me.
my issue has been solved!!
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