Phone problems after om Mate 20 pro

  • 3 August 2019
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I have just updated my huawei mate 20 pro to and the phone is not working probably anymore. It wont connect to WiFi, games lag a lot and different apps or the settings menu stops responding. Yesterday it restarted the phone all the time and asked for the pin to access the phone after each restart and sometimes when it had not been restarted.
I have reset it too factory settings and it does not work. Same problems still occur.

3 replies

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Hey Daniel,

Sorry to read about the issues you are having. 😞

Since you already tried a factory reset, I'd suggest that you contact our support team directly for a more hands-on approach:
Hi guys,

I'm having issues where the touch screen is doing silly things. It started in Feb march and then Huawei replaced my phone. Then everything was ok until the next update. The issues came back.

The apps quit and go to home themselves. Letters and words all come up wrong when typing anything it's so frustrating. I've done several resets.

I use Swype and the most obvious words and not coming up instead something odd comes up.

Huawei messed up.
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Hi Saf187,

Sorry to see that you are having issues with your device again. :(

Are you having the same problems as in this thread? If not, please try a reset or contact the support team directly: