Samsung health app step counter problems

  • 20 March 2019
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I have a mate lite phone and the steps only count on the Samsung health app when the app is open or running in the background. On other phones the app still counts steps even when it's not open or in the background.

I can't change this in settings it says cannot remove default tracker not sure it this has something to do with it???

Any help anyone can give would be much appreciated?


5 replies

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Hi Miketomo84!

I am sorry to hear about the unfortunate situation.

We recommend you follow the steps that we provide below:

  1. Phone manager app > Battery > App launch > and disable the button that appears on the right(for the application with the issue), after disabling this option, 3 options will appear: Auto-launch, Secondary launch and Run in the background. We recommend this last option to have it activated.
  2. Recent apps > You have to scroll down on the application that you want to work on the background and a padlock will appear.
I trust this information is of assistance. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
No this still hasn't worked.
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Hey @Miketomo84, welcome back!

We understand that it's hard to switch from apps you're used to, but unfortunately we can not guarantee full compatibility with the Samsung Health app on a Huawei device.

That app was mainly developed for Samsung devices, so it could and will have issues with other brands.

We suggest using the Huawei Health instead, since it is optimized for your device and will count steps in the background.

Ok thanks.

I recommend you push on improving the Huawei app by including weight training session tracking along with calorie and micro tracking like the Samsung app and then everyone will switch and certainly I will.
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Hi @Miketomo84,

Thank you for your suggestion!

I do agree that by allowing our users to personalize their training sessions would create a smoother and better experience overall!

I will certainly take your feedback into consideration and forward this to the appropriate departments so they can research further into this.

If you have any other suggestions, opinions or comments to add, please feel free to do so! 😀

Best wishes,