Share your Mate 20 Pro Tips & Tricks

Having had the Mate 20 Pro for almost a month, I thought I'd share a few tips and tricks that may be useful.

Removing Pre-installed apps

Find the apps you want to remove -> Hold finger on the app -> Select Uninstall -> Confirm


There are a few options on the device for security, like pin or pattern or even a password, but on the Mate 20 Pro there is in-screen finger print and 3D face recognition. Here I will show you how to enable Face Recognition.

Security & Privacy -> Face Recognition -> Follow on screen instructions and that is it set up!

The last one is a feature that I have been using since the Huawei P9, and that is Ok Emy. What this is, is simple. If you cannot remember where you have placed your phone, activate this asap. Here's how!

Settings -> Smart Assistance -> Voice Control -> Enable Voice Wake up -> Then you can find your phone by simply saying "Ok Emy, Where are you?" and the phone flash will light up and the voice and music will get louder stating, "I'm Here!"

The last tip I will give is when taking a picture, try putting it into Night Mode. It makes the picture pop! Try it. It enhances the background.

And also don't forget to enter the Community competition for most liked Night Mode picture!

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I have put the following as a tip to see if others get the same result but a weird battery life quirk

Also I have been doing some battery Tests and a weird one I might include this on the tips page, Battery If getting better and better I can now get at near full brightness, auto brightness off 7 hours of screen on time many are full HD You tube clips. This is Smart Screen resolution and performance mode off

After changing resolution to Quad HD WQHD rather and Performance mode, not other settings changed battery life is the same if not slightly better!!? is smart resolution taking some battery hit?
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Came across this handy shortcut. Long press on the 'trash' icon on the recent apps screen takes you to the apps menu in settings 🙂 Any more useful hints or tips?


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