Shutter lag on Mate 20 Pro after update

  • 12 December 2018
  • 8 replies

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Anyone else getting shutter lag on the camera after the update?

8 replies

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Hey @Crawshaw09 ,

I moved your question about the shutter lag to a new thread.

@Jase @Tony @chillphone are you having problems with the shutter too?
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@Crawshaw09 what settings have you got the camera on when you are experiencing this issue?, can't say I've noticed any problems as of yet but it may very well be setting specific. Let's us know your exact settings and I'll see if I can replicate your issue.

Regards Jase.
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Its just standard 10mp camera, with Ai on.
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Nope I've got no issues at all with lag in this mode or at all actually. Maybe you could try the restore default settings option.

Regards Jase.
I’ve just returned my Mate 20 Pro for this very reason. Shutter lag in situations where there is movement was sometimes over a second, resulting in at best lots of smoothing but most often just a ton of blur from the motion. I’m not talking fast motion either, just my toddler walking slowly towards me.

i had latest firmware (Dec 2018 that mentioned improved unlocking and photos), UK model, factory default settings. So disappointed to go back to my iPhone after such rave reviews about the M20Pro, but I can’t accept such poor shutter lag on a flagship device

p.s. still not being able to easily interact with notifications on the lock screen pushed me over the edge to return it 🙂
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Hi all,

If you could PM me with the Build Number and Serial Number of the devices that have this issue, I will do my best to find a solution.

Best wishes,
I have noticed shutter lag but not necessarily because of update. The mate 10 pro had something similar. I notice it under master AI mode when taking portraits for example. Very frustrating.
What is the version of your current mobile phone system? Is there any shutter lag problem?