Smart Flip Cover and Always On Display

  • 30 October 2018
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I have enabled Always On Display.

However, with the Smart Flip Cover fitted, the time and weather show in the window of the cover, but disappear after a few seconds.

Is there a way to make the cover and Always On Display work together, so that the time is always visible?

6 replies

+1 on this!
It's really frustrating that the display turns off dispite that the setting is "always on".
I'll add my voice to this.
With the display disappearing after a few seconds it really does seem like a waste of time.

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Couldn't agree more. The cover letter is good, but it's so frustrating that it causes the always on information to turn off!
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Hi all,
Thank you foxprorawks for starting this most interesting subject.
I will collect and forward this feedback to the dev. department and perhaps they will become available in the future. Thank you all for this valuable feedback and keen observations.

Best wishes,
I have the smart cover as well and would like to have some help with the settings too.

  • Music controls only work for the Huawei Music APP, but I would like this for my Spotify APP instead.
  • The notifications like: text, Whatsapp, emails, etc... are not showing in the smart display... it would be very convenient to have all those notifications bundled in the smart display
  • after 30 seconds the time/weather/steps are being turned off, like the regular sleep mode.... i would like to leave that on.
Besides these 3 options I really think having a smart display and a cover like this @Amy we can do some really fun and creative stuff as well 😉 Hope you guys improve the options with the smart display soon.
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I have not found a way to do this either. Very annoying.
I would also like to see the always on display adjust for rotation, so it shows upright when i have my phone docked horizontally.
Also, I cannot use 'ok Google' when the cover is shut. It responds with the chime so it gets the command, it just didn't do anything past that.
Perhaps @Amy could move this to the feature wish list.