Sound quality using earphones and adaptor

Does anyone else have any issues with sound quality when using own earphones and adaptor?

I got the mate 20 pro. Using my own earphones with supplied adaptor the sound quality is awful. The music sounds far away. Ive went into sound settings and turned off the dolby settings to see if that would make a difference. But nope. Does anyone else experience this?

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Hi @Lisaball,

Glad to hear you purchased one of our latest devices!

In regards to your inquiry, we would kindly recommend the following troubleshooting steps:

1.First, we would recommend connecting your earphones to the Mate 20 Pro with a different adaptor to test if the sound quality is different.
2.Second, if possible, could you kindly test the quality of the sound with the current adaptor but with a different pair of headphones/earphones and also with another adaptor as well.

Note: Additionally, kindly check the audio quality of the earphones with a different device if possible, such as a different smart phone or a computer/laptop.

I trust this information is of assistance. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! 😀

I got a new Huawei P20 Pro very recently. I am extremely disappointed with the sound quality I get when I use wired or Bluetooth headset. I have tried setting the volume to highest level and also tried various Intelligent Equaliser options in Dolby Atmos. I can barely hear the sound with headset. The sound quality is otherwise okay if I use speaker phone.
Handset is Huawei P20 Pro, Model CLT-L09
EMUI version 8.1.0
I have checked for system updates and I get the message "No updates".

Extremely disappointed!

Any ideas how to get the issue resolved? Any help would be appreciated.

Sknce it is less than 1 month old phone, I am contacting Affordable Mobiles where I got it from and requesting another handset, not Huawei.

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Hi @Arpat123,

Welcome on the community. Sorry to see that you are having issues with your sound quality! 😞

I moved your topic to this thread. Please read the comments above and let us know if Max's advice helped. If not, I'll ask him to assist you.
Hi Amy,
Thank you very much for your help.

I am mainly facing issue with Bluetooth headset (no adaptor involved). The same video content with same Bluetooth headset provides far better and louder sound when I use it with my older phones (make is different to Huawei).

So I believe this is an issue with the way Huawei P20 Pro is providing sound input to the Bluetooth headset.

If anybody else has any suggestions, then kindly share.

Hi Amy,
Thank you but unfortunately it doesn't fix the issue I am facing with my Bluetooth headset. I have tested the same video content with same Bluetooth headset but on different mobile handset and sounds quality is perfect. With Huawei P20 Pro, Bluetooth headset doesn't provide satisfactory sound quality.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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Hi @Arpat123,

Happy to hear that you are using one of our devices.

In regards to your inquiry, we would recommend the following:

Make sure that you have selected the correct Bluetooth profile for your Bluetooth Headset.
You can do this by going into the developer options, which is found in Settings > System > Developer Options. (also please make sure you have the Developer Option enabled - tap 7x times on the Build Number of the device found in settings > system > about phone)
There, you will find the settings for changing the Bluetooth Transmission and improve the audio quality. You can check the specifications of the speaker to see what are the recommended settings for that device.
In developer options you can modify the following settings:

Bluetooth Audio Codec
Bluetooth Audio Sample Rate
Bluetooth Audio Bits per Sample
Bluetooth Audio Channel Mode
Bluetooth Audio LDAC Codec: Playback Quality
Bluetooth Audio HWA playback quality
Bluetooth Audio HWA latency

I suggest to play around with the settings and see which setting is suited best for your Bluetooth Headset.
Note: If the quality does not improve only with that, kindly consult the Bluetooth Headset instructions manual and check the recommended settings for that.

I trust this information is of assistance. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! 😀
Hi all! I just joined the community so I hope I'm posting in the right place. This will be a long one so strap yourself in. I recently purchased the mate 20 pro 256/8gb running LYA-L29 / and so far im loving everything about it except the audio quality. I have been a Samsung user for the longest time but thought I would give Huawei a try after researching for the best new smartphone.

I watched @gavinfabl audio review (he also has a post on this community) and was shocked to hear him say that the pair of the mate 20 pro and the sony wh1000xm3 was a "phenomenal pairing". I own the sony wh1000xm3 and am struggling to make them work beyond decent with my mate 20 pro.

I have been doing a side by side "blind" test between my new mate 20 pro and my really old Samsung note 4. Sadly, the note 4 wins with every single person I've done the test to. If you can, try it. There is nothing like a side by side comparison. Both phones were setup exactly the same on spotify playing the same song. Almost unanimously they all said or asked if we were testing audio quality or two different headphones! Thats how differnet the sound quality is.

In my attempt to get the mate 20 pro up to par I have tried the following.
1. Reset the phone
2. Try a third party equalizer (as was suggested by others)
3. Access developer options and adjusted Bluetooth settings
4. Tried double tap the head set (as suggested by Sony)
5. And lastly for good measure... Factory reset my Sony wh1000xm3 (as suggested by sony)

Nothing worked. The super old note 4 still obliterates the mate 20 pro in as far as the Sony wh1000xm3 go. I'm at a loss and would very much like to keep the mate 20 pro instead of switching back. I'm even willing to wait for an update or some other hopeful solution. At this point I am willing to try almost anything.

Please someone help me solve this. I know its not only limited to the headphones because when i started using the mate 20 pro to play music in the car, my wife asked me, "is something wrong with your speakers"?
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Hi @Jmate,

Happy to hear that you are using one of our devices and sorry for the late response.

Could you kindly PM us with the Serial Number of your device in private?

Best wishes,


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