T3 review Mate 20 Pro

  • 23 October 2018
  • 2 replies

Not seen such a positive review in a long time!!


What does everyone think?? What's everyone looking forward to most with Mate 20 Pro??

Let us know below

2 replies

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That is a great review. Looks like the mate 20 pro will get some sales.

I really am looking forward to the wide angle lens and the zoom, plus later in November to experiment with that crazy 3d modeling.

As I type the calorie counting function could well see get my healthy eating in check.

My only downside is the lack of attention from the bigger reviewers like mkbhd? etc.. who didn't really acknowledge the technology offered here by Huawei.
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I can't wait to get out and really test the wide angle camera in mine, I'm so glad they didn't just use the same setup the P20 Pro had. I never really shot in monochrome but there's lots of times I wish I had a wide angle lens option.