Unlocking headset - Locked to EE

Hello, I bought a Huawei mate pro 20 on Ebay locked to EE. IMEI not on the black list, all working fine. However, EE can not unlock it. They claim it's unlocked on their system, and they have escalated it to Huawei in China I've been waiting now for over 2 months and they haven't heard from Huawei yet. I took the handset to be unlocked in one of these unlock phone shops, and they said they are also not able to unlock it. I've been looking to buy an unlock code on ebay, but it works only for phones more than 6 months old, which is not my case. I heard there are more people with the same issue - Huawei with EE. Does anyone know whats going on and how I can unlock my device?

Thanks x

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Sorry, handset
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some ee phones come unlocked as standard. Have you inserted a different sim to see if that is the case?
Thanks for replying
Yes, it asks for NUC code. It only works with EE
As I mentioned on my first text, this issue is with Huawei China, but they are pretty bad at replying. I'd like to sort it out, but it seems this is a problem with some Huawei handset locked to EE. Just wondered if anyone else is having the same problem or knows how to fix it.
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just curious, is it dual sim (LYA-L29) or single sim (LYA-L09)?
Single sim
I spoke to a shop that unlocks phone, and they said that apparently the Huawei "server" that generates the code for the mate p20 pro to unlock EE phones have been down for a while, hence no one can unlock the this handset. They are hoping the problem will be sorted soon.... Odd!!
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Hi @soulci,

I would like to inform you that, we sell our devices unlocked and SIM free as the manufacturer of our Huawei devices. It is up to the retailers and network providers to what and which devices they wish to lock and customize their firmware, therefore, only one type of SIM will be accepted by the device. In this case, we advise you to contact your network operator, they will be able to help you in this matter.

In this case, you will need to contact EE personally and inquire about a network unlock code with themselves.

Best of wishes,
Max, I've been in contact with EE for 3 months now, and as I said before they have escalated the issue with Huawei in China as the Huawei in UK can't solve the problem. Your response to my problem is very generic and not helpful!! I'm very disappointed with Huawei, especially with customer service
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Hi @soulci ,
It is truly unfortunate that this is happening to you. When you went to unlock your phone in the shops, did they try to unlock via cable method or by trying to find a code to input on your phone to unlock?

By the way i found this listing on ebay which claims to unlock for £41, they claim to refund if the unlock code provided does not unlock your phone provided you show it by filming it.

worth a try
PS. if from the above link it is to no avail, then your best bet is to find a mobile phone shop which will hook it up to a computer and unlock it from there.
Thanks for replying, Dr. House.

I've been to a few high street shops and they said they can't guarantee unlocking Huawei phones. Fees around £30. One of them said Huawei system was down. I'm still hoping to hear back from EE with a solution instead.

I'm just sharing my experience hoping someone else has experienced the same issue and found a solution.

These are some of the messages I've received from EE unlocking team (descending order):


I have checked to see if we have any further update from Huawei regarding the IMEI xxxxxxxx unlocking issue.
Unfortunately we have had nothing back and can not resolve the issue until Huawei respond.
I am sorry I can not give you any more positive information.

Sorry this is taking so long to be resolved.

I have had this escalated again for you. I have sat with a colleague who deals with this while it was being done so I can assure you that this has been dealt with. From here we will be waiting for Huawei to get back in touch with us and then we will get in touch with you. So please bear with us, I understand that this is very frustrating for you but we are doing all that we can to assist you.

Many thanks

I am sorry to hear that this issue is still ongoing our team that deals with the manufactures are requesting updates daily but don't seem to be getting much of a response. To answer your question the high street unlockers do not use unlocking codes they will hook the handset up to a computer and alter the operating system until it works with any simcard, as this is not the same process we use it may unlock your handset however we do not recommend it as it is not the way the handset is built to be unlocked and can damage or even permanently lock the handset.

what ever you decide, we will continue to try to get the unlocking codes from Huawie for you but do not yet have a idea of when the issue will be resolve.

I’m afraid still no word on this Huawei unlocking situation so don’t have a update on what’s happening at present for last 6 weeks response times from this manufacturer has been slow and frustrating however as soon as we have had some kind of news we will be in touch.

Thanks for your patience on this matter.

Hi I’ve just sent a email over to the guys dealing with the manufactures over this issue asking if there is any update and for a reference for you, they’re not in until Monday so I would expect a reply around then.

Unfortunately they have not gave a timescale of when it will be resolved but I’ve sent the permission over and we will see what comes back from them.


I have just tried to call you in regards to getting your Huawei handset unlocked but it went straight to answer phone. We have heard back from Huawei UK and they are unable to get a unlocking code for this handset. They would like to escalate this over to a team over at Huawei China but require your permission to do so. Can you please fill in the attached consent form and send it in to me and I’ll pass it on to Huawei for you.

Had same issue between November 18 to April 19 with a P10 Pro single SIM.

Went all way to Ombudsman as a complaint.
Never received a code with both EE and Huawei been of no help over a period of 4-5 months.

Handset was originally unlocked in October 18, but was re-locked in November following a repair by EE replacing the main board and so thought that was the reason until reading these similar posts.

EE and Huawei should both be ashamed, both will be loosing my custom.
Update: Finally managed to obtain a 16 digit unlock code via eBay seller GSM.UNLOCKING at a cost of £42.99.

First tried their cheaper £12.95 unlock service but the seller came back 2 days later with response that device was less than 6 months old (it's not as it will be 24 months old this August 2019), auto refunded me and advised to use their service for all Huawei Phones including those under 6 months old, ordered last Friday and received today Wednesday, done in 4 days what EE and Huawei failed to do in 4-5 months!

It will give me great pleasure when I ring EE next month as I come to the end of my contract and request my PAC code to take my existing number and change network.
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Hi @icharsue ,
Glad to hear the good news!

Hopefully @soulci can also get this issue sorted using the alternative suggested.
@soulci @drhouse
This is the ebay link
I truly hope you get this sorted soulci as I'd nearly given up hope (EE=Fail, Huawei=Fail, Ombudsman=Fail, Local Phone Store using Laptop+Cable=Fail, Buy new phone=Almost!!!).
Thanks all.
Hi guys,I be unlocked my EE phone p30 on Very helpful ,I submitted the request on Friday and Tuesday morning I got the code. Hope it will help