UsbDevice not recognized

  • 10 May 2019
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The Mate 20 Pro will not recognize a UsbDevice on the OTG port. It will easily transfer files with an attached memory card, however. Is the lack of support for a UsbDevice a feature of Android 9 or Huawei?

4 replies

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Try this:
Use a different USB cable/connector
Restart your phone and your computer
Enable USB debugging on your phone (go to apps on your phone>open settings>About phone, tap build number until you see *you are now developer*>go to developer options>find USB debugging.
Thank you for your suggestions but I have tried all of them. A few programs I wrote work perfectly on Android 5 or 7 devices. Here is an FPGA connected over the OTG port. There is some evidence this is an Android Pie problem:
It would be nice to know if this is associated with Huawei or Android.

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Hi @bobford,

Sorry for the lack of replies in this thread. Please reach out to our official support channels if you still need assistance:
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Open Camera has an option in settings/more camera controls:

"Use Storage Access Framework"

Which can be toggled on or off.

Does that help?