Video Quality Terrible

  • 8 September 2019
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I have the Huawei mate 20 Pro and have noticed that the video stutters under every resolution and frame rate but is especially noticeable in 4K mode.

This seems to be caused by the video stabilization and is a shame because the picture quality is otherwise excellent.

From reading around it seems to be a problem that people have noticed on other models of Huawei phone, but for some reason seems to have not been picked up by very many of the reviewers online.

The end result is that most video is choppy and unusable if it contains anything but the slightest of movement.

As others have suggested perhaps it would be a good idea to allow users to turn off video stabilization as it appears to be massively over compensating.

It would also be good to know if there are any plans (or if it is even possible) to fix this with a future firmware update so stabilization can be used without causing warped image tearing, stuttering, jittery and jerky motion.

One of the things which drew me to this phone was the still image quality, so it's extremely disappointing that the video quality doesn't measure up. Hopefully something can be done to improve the experience.

1 reply

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I feel you man, Video is one of my main gripes with my Mate 20 Pro since I like shoot do cinematic videos and short movies on the phone. If you want really good video the Filmic Pro app is very good. Start of rant: The video quality is far better than the stock camera app despite Huawei doing its best to make sure that's not the case. The camera 2 api is Limited for third party apps which is a real shame. What I really hate is the bitrate cap at just 50 megabits! This is meant to be a flagship phone! - End of rant.