Voice recording has no sound Mate 20 Pro

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I had this problem since I bought my Huawei Mate20 pro. When i record my voice either by using the Voice Recorder app or by making voice messages in Whatsapp, I almost have no sound. You can hear the first milliseconds of my voice and the rest is silent. I can record very low sounds without any problem but the minute I increase my voice to normal, the recording goes silent.

I went to Phone Manager app and changed the battery App launch from Auto to Manual and disabled all, but no change for my issue. I also went to App permission/ Microphone and kept only the phone main apps to use the microphone such as Phone and Voice Recorder, but still the same problem.

The voice recording problem disappeared only when I restart my phone and only for a while before it comes back.

I'm frustrated and really need help please

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Same issue here in my huawei Mate 20. I recorded my brother's birthday surprise, and I was the one being surprised when I played back the video and there is no sound at all. The microphone are not covered with anything, and i never adjust or change anything on the microphone setting. Then i tried to record another video to test the sound, still no sound are recorded in the video.
After I restart my phone, then only the mic seems to be working. I tried to record another video, and this time, there is sound.
But, at the end of the day, the mic problem seems to come back when the video that i recorded have no sound. After I restart the phone, it turns back to normal where there will be sound in the video that are recorded.

Huawei, please help. Your phone has already ruined the birthday surprise as I'm the only one recording it and it is now a mute video. Maybe you can tell me on how to recover the sound in that mute video.

FYI, I switched from iPhone back to Huawei cause I just love your phone. Don't disappoint me please.

I have the same problem on my Mate 20 Pro. Is anyone from Huawei looking into this issue? I can't send voice messages on any app (Whatsapp nor messenger), can't record voice using Recorder App and videos contains no voice.
I would expect an issue like this to be fixed ASAP considering the cost of this phone.
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Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for voicing your situations in regards to this, rest assured that our Development Team is looking further into this to come up with the best solution as soon as possible.

In the meanwhile, I would recommend the following:
Could you kindly open the pre-installed HiCare application, tap on the Smart Diagnosis and select the 'Manual' tab.
From there, perform the microphone test and attach the results with a screenshot to this topic.

Looking forward to your attachments as those will be forwarded to the Development Team to speed up the process.

Thank you once again for your cooperation,
My 1 mth old Mate 20 has the same prblm too, very frustrating as need to restart it to get rid of this problem! After awhile it back to no sound recorded agon, Very inconvenient!

Just purchased my phone 2 weeks ago and I'm having the same issue with WhatsApp voice notes and video recordings.

In WhatsApp (voice notes), voice recorder, video recording I have no sound. Hope huawei is working on a fix. This is extremely annoying.

I couldn't run the HiCare app. When I open the app I get a message saying that it's currently no available in my area.

Note: works when you restart the phone. However after a few WhatsApp voice notes or video the sound goes away again. It's annoying having to restart the phone every time just to get the mic to work for videos and WhatsApp notes.

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Hi all,

If you are having the same issue after performing the diagnosis, can you please PM me the serial number of your devices?

In that way, I will be able to look into this further.

You can find the serial number is Settings > About phone > Status or on the box of the device.

Looking forward to your replies!

Best wishes,


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