VR apps on Mate 20 Pro - share your tips!

  • 8 November 2018
  • 10 replies

Hi i purchased this Mate 20 Pro, which a great phone, but i wanted to use some VR apps like google daydream, turns out that it's not supported in this phone... Any comments or suggestions to use which VR device?

10 replies

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Hi debasishsasu4u,

Glad to hear you are using our products, and sorry to learn of the inconvenience caused by the apps.
If you can PM me with the details of the phone and a list of the apps that have yet to incorporate it, we will also flag this further to the apps development team so they may include the device in future updates.

Looking forward to your reply,
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This is one area I would like to see Huawei focus on. I had a Gear VR and absolutely loved that. The Mate20 Pro has all the specs needed to be paired with a decent headset.
I'd like to find out more about compatible vr apps on the mate 20 Pro also. Thanks
It turns out most of the VR apps work. It's just Daydream that's not compatible. Also, you need to make sure the screen resolution is left at full WQHD+ or your interpupillary distance will be all off.
Any VR headsets which could accomodate the mate 20 pro?
I don't want to spend money on oculus go if I have a perfectly capable smarthpone already.
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Hey @szabidoki,

thanks for turning to us with your inquiry!

Any VR headset compatible with Android devices should work well with the Mate 20 Pro, but full compatibility mainly depends on the manufacturer. Please ask the retailer before purchasing!

Best of luck!
Max 🐪
Very disappointed to find out that my mate 20 pro is not compatible with Google daydream.
I have headset as my previous phone, mate 9 Porsche Design was compatible!
Didn't expect a newer phone not to work.

Are you going to rectify this? Or can you someone lost any apps I should try instead with my daydream headset?
Thank you
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Hi @Sparkybarky, thanks for your feedback!

We appreciate your opinion. We're currently working on certain VR functions to have more support for apps such as Daydream, etc.

We'll let you know if it is already available. In the meantime you can search the play store for other VR apps!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

another request for daydream support please for the mate 20 pro.
Only thing I can see that lets it down
I too have bought a top-of-the-line mobile, as I expected it would tick nearly every box in the wish list. And I too was a bit disappointed, when I learned it isn't Google Daydream compatible. And after hours of searching, it seems unlikely, that Huawei will make it compatible.
Have I bought the wrong mobile? Has it got worse than its predecessor? Since that one (Mate 9 x) IS Daydream compatible?!? And only Cardboard for the Mate 20? Cardboard was decent with one of my older HTC's years ago, but this is a new mobile, supposingly with all the bells and whistles, one can imagine.
Or is Daydream dead (as I don't recall having seen the P30 Pro on the list either) - or only dead for Huawei, because the think of developing their own system, maybe a'la Rift or Vive? To keep us on the edge of our seat, waiting for something to come and not spend our money on an Oculus or HTC unit? I couldn't dream about spending my money on a stand alone VR-set, when I have a capable mobile phone, so no extra earnings from me there! I'd rather find me another brand.
I have had mostly HTC mobiles (top end) until now and thought it was time for a change. And now I wonder if I should have picked another brand entirely and leave this an experiment with Huawei, I don't want to continue...
The least I would expect from a large manufacturer with decent market shares, I that they would give some clear answers, something like: "No, it's not ganna happen" or "Yes, we are working on it and it's coming shortly"... The nearest, I came to an answer, was from above: "We're currently working on certain VR functions to have more support for apps such as Daydream, etc." More support for Daydream? There are two possibilities: Compatible or not. Not more or less, Google seems to be strickt there, either it is compatible or it isn't.
So what is it then? And what's it going to be?