Why is the volume when someone calls me really quiet?

  • 7 May 2019
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When someone calls me either over WhatsApp or a normal call, the volume is now really quiet even when at the maximum and I have to put them on speaker phone in order to hear what they are saying. It is a recent problem that never used to happen. I have a Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Thanks

3 replies

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Hi and welcome to the forums!

Have you run diagnostic on your device for the sound system?
You can do this by going to HiCare > Smart diagnosis > Manual > Speaker and Earpiece.

Report back with your results.
Was this issue ever resolved? I'm currently experiencing this problem, In my situation, I can barely hear the phone ring at the other end when I call, to have a conversation I have to switch to speakers. I got my phone in January on a 2 years contract. what is this, I have done all that has been suggested to me, Wipe cache partition and Reset, but this issue still persists. Did anyone successfully resolve this.? This should be a known issue to Huawei by now.
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@Antwan It might be best to contact the support team direct as they will know if this has been fixed or how to resolve the issue: