WI-FI call on Mate 20 lite

  • 18 October 2019
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Hello, I’m trying to enable the wifi call on my Mate 20 lite, but I cannot find the option in any menu.

I’ve follow some guides on internet but the wi-fi call option is not present where it’s supposed to be.

Can anyone confirm if my phone is enabled ot wi-fi calling or not?

My model is SNE-LX1 with latest firmware and EMUI.


Many Thanks

5 replies

WiFi calling is also network provisioned or allowed. Does wifi calling option appear when you put your sim in another phone?

Yes on my note 9 with same sim it works

Here read this..

Thanks for the suggestion, but I think concern p20 lite and not mate 20 lite as I have August patch installed and emui and no wifi calling is available. 

Maybe your network/carrier  is not provisioning your device IMEI for wifiW calling.