Wireless charging stopped working

  • 14 September 2019
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I have a Mate 20 Pro which was working absolutely fine then suddenly wireless charging stopped working properly.

When I put it on the wireless charging, it charges for a few seconds (but the light on the wireless charging flashes which usually means error) then it just stops.

No matter what position I put it in afterwards it doesn't charge. If I restart the phone it charges a few seconds again then stops.

This is quite frustrating because wireless charging was my main form of charging before. I tried it with four different charges (that all worked with a Samsung S8) but none worked.

I would appreciate any help!

4 replies

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I had this with a qi charger that wasn't sending enough power through.
Perhaps the USB cable to your charging pad was changed?
Hi Plymalan

Thanks for your reply. I tried several different cables and several different adapters (and even different chargers) but always had the same problem.

I actually used the original cable that came with the charger as well as an original cable that came with my previous Samsung phone.
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You have another qi charger?
Reason to determine if it is your phone or the accessory that is the problem.

If you find its your phone then contact Huawei Support to have it sent off for service..
I actually tried three different qi chargers (I had several because I really like wireless charging and find it very convenient) and all have the same issue.

I think this happened after an update, and I did a factory reset several times afterwards but the problem persisted.