Band 3 Pro calorie counter

My question is whether the calorie counter is a total calorie burn in the day i.e. Sitting down, making dinner and all my exercises, it is it just the exercising I do like runs and gym sessions.

I've moved from a fit bit to the band 3 Pro as i wanted it to be fully integrated but it doesn't seem to tell me my total calorie burn in the day just my runs.

Any info if this is accurate or if I'm wrong?? Thanks

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Hi @Rickmarlow18,

Thank you forbringing this up, that's a good question!

First of all, i hope that you are enjoying the device and find its features useful in your daily activities!

As for your question, I would like to inform you that the calorie counter works based on the exercises and the activities that you perform.

So, if the watch sees and tracks an activity, it will be counted as so and the calories burned will be calculated.

Hope this answers your question.

Best wishes,


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