Band 3 Pro climb function

Hi I’ve had a pro band 3 for a couple of months now but can’t get the climb function to record. I don’t have a Huawei phone but I do use the Huawei app. any ideas on how to fix it?.. thank you

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Hi @Kelly13,

Glad to hear you have purchased a Huawei device! I hope you find it useful!

Regarding your inquiry, first of all, can you please try to clear the cache of the application from the phone? You can do that from the settings of the phone.

I trust this information will be useful in your inquiry. Nevertheless, if you still face any other issues or you have other questions, please let me know!

Best wishes,
Hi Max
I cleared the cache from safari and then looked at clearing the data from the app.i have the choice of deleting the app on the i phone but I would lose all my data? There is only 140mb of data stored so far in the app.
The climb function has never worked from when I first installed the app and linked the device. Feeling confused lol
many thanks
kind regards
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Hi @Kelly13,

Can you also please tell me what is the model of your mobile phone that the band is paired with?

Best wishes,
Hi Max it’s an I phone 7

I've recently purchased the Huawei band pro 3, and synced it with an iPhone 6s, but it won't measure the stairs i'm climbing. I've also had this issue with the Huawei band 2.
Is there something I or you can do to resolve this?

Kind regards,
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Hi @Annakiwi,

I moved your question to this thread. Please try Max suggestion in the above comment.

Will you keep us updated?
Hi Amy,

I've read the instructions above, but it didn't resolve the stair issue.
I even have an additional issue now: after the latest update the band
won't show message notifications. I see the message balloon on the
homescreen and the submenu messages shows 1, but when I want
to read the message it says: no new notifications.
Also when I have more then 1 message, it still shows 1.
It worked fine earlier.

Is this a bug in the latest update? I have firmwareversion:

Hope you can help.
In addition: I've reset my band, did a factory reset on the app and deleted the app on my iphone 6s and re-installed everything, this also didn't solve the problem.
Hi I have a huawei band 3 pro and I can't receive any climb data on my Google Pixel 1. Health app just says " this phone cannot record climb data" which I find a bit strange seeing as it has GPS


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