Huawei Health and Watch GT - Climbing is always zero

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Since Watch GT has a Barometer sensor built in, i thougt, i can see how many meters i went up and down the stairs. But "Climbing" is always zero in the Health App.

Is this a bug or a feature? Or are there settings somewhere i did not see?

Thank you for your answer.


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Yes I noticed this and the calorie count is absolutely way off, it counts steps on phone and watch so when you sync the data is over inflated all so. I've started to sync my watch, then deny all the apps permissions and force stop it so it stops counting step from my phone!!
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Hi @ReinhardAT what phone are you running? My Samsung S9+ doesn't support floors climbed, therefore i do not get any climbed data.
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My phone is a Huawei P9 lite.
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ReinhardAT wrote:

My phone is a Huawei P9 lite.

After a quick Google, it appears that the P9 Lite doesn't support floors climbed, therefore you will not have any climbing data logged on your Huawei Health app. This is the same for me and my Galaxy S9+.
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Why doesn't the watch do it! Fitbits do?
Im so disappointed in this watch and health app, it's truly awful. The watch looks fantastic, but sadly that's it!
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Yes, the phone is not able to record the floors climbed, but the Watch GT has the sensor for that.
So then Huawei has to rework the Health App.
Hi, i have some questions:
1. I use Samsung phone with my Huawei watch GT and in Health app i can't see climbing data, because phone does not have sensor. Why app don't use watch data?
2. How turn on stress measurement in watch? There is not option to turn it on in Health app.
Hi all,

I don't know if anyone has this, but I don't see any "Climbing" in my fitness data, any time, no matter using workout or anything else, I did reset the watch several times...nothing changes.

Carlos Santos
Has anyone from Huawei explained why the climbing data is not being recorded?
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No they never do. The fact the watch and app count steps, doubling the count has been raised for literally years and they do absolutely nothing!!
Im trying to sell my GT, nobody wants it, says it all really!!
I am in the process of compiling a list of failings then post it on as many feedback forums as I am able including the likes of Amazon. I'll then send my feedback with the list to the CEO.
The only way to get heard and see any action is to affect their sales.
Oh come on!
Technical excuses, like the phone doesn’t??? What about the barometer on the watch, Health App is the one failing actually!!
You just need to add more math to it, if steps are being counted and barometer detects difference in height, like you say every 3 meters counts as one floor, up or down that just it!
I would understand that maybe Huawei released the Watch to the market too early and Health App need better work, but trying to create excuses is just the same as telling us you guys aren’t interested in improving what could be a great fitness watch!!
I have an iPhone, it counts floors, what’s the excuse? It only works with android??? Everybody is complaining about the same!!!

Just acknowledge the issue and provide an ETA to when will this could be fixed for good!
Skjerpdeg wrote:

I am in the process of compiling a list of failings then post it on as many feedback forums as I am able including the likes of Amazon. I'll then send my feedback with the list to the CEO.
The only way to get heard and see any action is to affect their sales.

I think that is a good idea! But there is another place other than this where we can talk with Huawei developer or employees? There is no way to ask our question, report bugs and make request about (basic!) features?
mauri_va, I don't believe there is any other place to report problems.
I tried to use the customer services but effectively got my replies in this forum.
Thank you.
So all we can do is hoping that someone from Huawei read this forum and can change something...
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Hi all,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We read this forum and I asked our support team to assist you in this thread as soon as possible.
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Hi all,

Sorry to hear of the situation of your device, and thank you for providing us with all of the troubleshooting steps you have attempted.

In this case I would recommend having the device inspected by one of our engineers at the service center for a more hands-on approach.
For the UK region you can arrange the service booking via mail chat or hotline (at 08000886700 free of charge of course) via
Or if you would like I can also facilitate this for you via PM.

Hope you found this helpful.
Best wishes,
Hello Max,
Are you able to confirm that the watch/band etc should be recording climbing data please?

I know satellite systems give elevation data but it is not clear if the Huawei fitness trackers should or do record this. Some clarification would be appreciated.
For elevation data teorically GPS is not enough: for a better measure altimeter/barometer is necessary.
But I don't know how a fitness smartwatch can calculate this data: I suppose that the Watch GT has the necessary sensors, but perhaps this calcultaion is not implemented.
What is sure is that no information (if ever there were) is not imported into the Health app.
Thanks for the info mauri_va. On that basis the watch may have the sensors necessary but the band 3 Pro does not.

Max, please tell us what is supported and on what device please.
Would you kindly confirm which Huawei fitness trackers support climbing data please?


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