Huawei Honor band 4 unstable re-connection

I recently bought a Honor band 4. The product itself looks and works fine but few things really disappoint me.

  • When I go out of the phone Bluetooth range it never reconnect again when back in, how can I fix this? Right now I need to open the app and wait minutes looking at the connecting text
  • Why is not possible to set the display to switch on automatically when a message arrives?
  • When I open a message there is no way t go back to the others, I always need to quit and open messages again (which opens quite slowly
  • It looks like the band is not synced with the phone book, when i receive a call from a contact of mine the device shows the number but not the name, can I fix this?

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Hi Schembri23,

May i ask what firmware you are running on the band?
Also to what device you are paired with and the current app version of Huawei Health?

Looking forward to your reply,
Hi Max,
Firmware paired with galaxy s8+.
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Hi Schembri23,

Sorry for the late reply,
For the re-connection issue you will have to inquire with Samsung since the S8+ has a proprietary battery manager that is interfering with the re-connection.
The band itself may have limited functionality with the S8+ but I will forward this to R&D for further improvements with future firmware.
If you can please pm me with the S/N of the device to facilitate them, I would really appreciate it.

Best wishes,
I've got the same issue. Bluetooth is getting disconnected by itself(Don't know the reason coz I'm not even moving far from it). And it's not reconnecting automatically. I need to open the app for connection. I'm using redmi note 4 and my band and app are on latest versions.


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