Huawei Watch GT -3F8 altimeter does not work


I have the Huawei GT ( Model FTN-B19 ) for 3 days and i have a few problems ( i am running software version ):

  • When they receive notifications, they appear 4 or more times in the notification window
  • the altimeter does not work after trying to reset the clock, is there any way I can calibrate it?

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Hi DFCprime,

Welcome on the community. I changed your topic title because there already is a topic about the notification issue: Watch GT Double notifications.

I asked our support team to assist you on your other question about calibrating your Watch GT.
I tested the Huawei watch GT for one day. Its look and performance is great, but I'm disappointed with the altimeter. I made a walk of 3 km. uphill all the time. The route was more or less steep, but certainly all the time up. Start at an altitude of 221 m above sea level End at 395 m above sea level. But the watch counted that at this time the sum of climb is 252 m and descend 82 m. On the way back: sum go down - 232m total climb 63m. My old Garmin fenix 2 show only 174 m up.
Is it normal in this watch?
It looks like an error in the calculating progam. The graph shows only very small jumps in altitude. The overall graph is OK.
Any news from support on this? I also find the altimeter to be very far out – yesterday it thought I was at -200 ft below sea level although I live close to (and above) the sea. A couple of days before at a known height of 1900 ft it was 100 ft too low and varying wildly the rest of the time. Is there any way to calibrate the altimeter at a known height (e.g.sea level)?
My Watch GT almost always shows the wrong altitude, which is normal, since barometric pressure constantly changes. But it actually makes no sense to have a built-in altimeter which cannot be calibrated. This could be simply done by using the watch's GPS, or entering the known value manually. There could also be a setting to automatically recalibrate the altimeter with the GPS, say every hour, or every day. What is Huawei waiting for?
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To be honest apart from telling the time and date nothing on this watch works as it should. Just have a look on here, you'll find issues with all the features
I bought this watch, brand new, 3 weeks ago on a store in Argentina (country where I live in). Over this short time of usage and considering all the fails & bugs that this product has, I realized that Huawei is selling a "beta version" , non tested watch, at a super high price.
I wish I could have the benefit of a return policy, as Huawei offers on other countries..
All I can do now is to pray for updates, wait for Huawei´s development team don´t forget about this watch because of already working on another model (ej Watch GT 2...)
As for me, I already lost the idea of a trusted quality company..

Problems detected so far:
  • Altimeter is unusable, totally useless!!!!
  • Battery life last 7 days, on normal usage, with no gps (NOT 14 days as they claim!!!)
  • HR monitor usually shows inaccurate data
Also for me the altimeter data are inaccurate.
I hope that someone of developer can test and correct this.


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