Intermittent Heart Rate On Watch 2

Hi all,

Recently purchased the watch 2 and few days after buying it the heart rate monitor has become very intermittent about working.

The Heart Rate app will constanty say 'tighten band and keep still and upright'...the band is as tight as possible and I'm not moving.

Occasionally it will work while working out but not always.

Not sure if recent updates in wear os has effected anything?

Ive rebooted it a couple times but no joy.

Any help appreciated.


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Hi @Marc.williams1985 ,

I am really sorry to hear this. Have you tried resetting the watch as well? You can do that from the Settings of the watch.

If you did and it is still not working, please PM me the serial number of your watch and this will be investigated further.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes,
I am having the same problem. Only had the watch for 2 days and i have no heart rate monitoring for about 6 hours today.

Also some steps are not tracking. Unless I am walking outside they dont track. Any steps inside dont track for some reason.
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Hi @krr13,

Welcome on the community! Have you tried resetting the watch as Max mentioned in this thread? 🙂
No I haven't because I've only just got the watch and shouldn't have to reset after 2 days
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Hi Krr13,

I know it's not ideal but a reset might fix the issues you have with the Watch GT. Please go to settings and reset it.

If you did and it is still not working, please PM the serial number of your watch to Max, he will be able to look into this. 🙂


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