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Mine does this, notifications work for a few hours then just stop. A reboot fixes it but only for a few hours again
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Please perform the following to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Check whether the configurations in your Huawei Health app settings are correct.
  2. Open the Huawei Health app and pair your watch, then make sure that Message alerts is enabled. You can enable or disable push notifications for each individual app on your Android phone by toggling the Allow notifications switch next to the corresponding app on the Notifications screen. However, this feature is not available on iOS devices.
  3. Check whether the corresponding notification appears on your phone's notifications panel.
  4. The mechanism for which your watch receives notifications relies on the transmissions from your phone via Bluetooth. Therefore, if the notification does not appear on your phone's notifications panel, it will not be transmitted to your watch.
  5. In such cases, for Android users, go to Settings > Notifications & status bar > Notifications management on your phone and select the app that is pushing the notifications (such as WeChat), then enable Allow notifications and Display in the status bar. At the same time, go to Settings > Notifications from the app that is pushing the notifications and check whether the reception of messages has been disabled.
  6. For iOS users, go to Settings > Notifications > NOTIFICATION STYLE on your phone and select the app that is pushing the notifications, then enable Allow Notifications. At the same time, open the Huawei Health app, and go to Notifications management > Message alerts and check whether the reception of messages has been enabled.
  7. Make sure your watch remains connected to your phone via the Huawei Health app.
  8. Check whether Auto-startup management and Background protection is enabled for the Huawei Health app on your phone. If not, your phone's background protection mechanism may forcibly close the Huawei Health app, causing your watch to disconnection from your phone, and eventually, causing your watch to not receive any notifications.
Some third-party phones may still forcibly close the Huawei Health app from the background even if the settings are correctly configured. In such cases, please contact your mobile phone manufacturer for a method to protect the Huawei Health app in the background.
If the issue persists, restart your phone, then re-pair your watch and try again.
@Ove Thanks but no change for me ...
Ok. The thing is in read this "YOUR WATCH NOT GONNA RING IF YOU DONT WARE IT!" 🙂

Thats it, thanks for reading this post! 🙂
This notification issue still existing, with the New firmware... Sometimes double notification i have sometimes nothing... I switched from Apple to Huawei, becouse of price. But! I had never this kind of problems this before... I hope we will have a solution for it..
Spence198 wrote:

My new watch GT doesn't notify me of anything I receive to my phone ie. Txt messages, phone calls etc. I have turned all notifications on through the huawei health app so I don't understand why I am experiencing this problem

Hello I just had this issue my self then I realised that my Bluetooth was connected to another device! I would check to see if you are connected to another device. Mine works a treat now even with the new firmware update I did this morning
Spence198 wrote:

My new watch GT doesn't notify me of anything I receive to my phone ie. Txt messages, phone calls etc. I have turned all notifications on through the huawei health app so I don't understand why I am experiencing this problem

I get my new GT watch today and I’m a bit disappointed. I get notifications from gmail but no notifications from iMessages, Mail app, etc. I’m using iPhone 8.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
I am despited...
Previously I use a huawei watch classic and a phone huawei mate 8. As notifications doesn't work as well after few month and cleaning operation I decide to change devices. I have now a mate 10 pro and a watch GT.... but it doesn't work ! no notification on the watch...

I have try to allow apps to stay active, to unpair and re pair the devices but nothing..... reset the two devices... nothing

I have try to update firmware of the watch : now in
the phone is up to date : EMUI 9.0.0 build
another to the notification list. (I use an iPhone X and this watch)
i get them every now and then never reliable though

I really want to like this watch but it is struggling with the simplest of things.

i am running the latest firmware reinstalled everything the app the watch and still the problems persist.

i have come from a Fitbit Blaze to this and struggling to justify anything but the fact that it has a good battery life.

hopefully further updates will help
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I'm not having any issues with mine... I get notifications for all my apps iv selected, instergram, twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, Yahoo, weather, etc, I even get notifications when I install a app, only thing is I might get two of the same notification from apps like WhatsApp, battery life is excellent and like others are saying could do with some better face's.
I've some issues regarding notification on my Smartwatch Huawei GT

Sometimes i receive the notifications sometimes not, even the calls , i've talked with someone in support and he said that the cause of the issue are my arm tattoos, if this is the issue please FIX this i brought a product that doesnt work at all
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Hey Alextattoo,

Sorry to see that you are having issues with your Watch GT! Have you tried the troubleshoot in @Ove's reply in this thread?
Hello Amy yes i did everything , but the watch continues unstable And Indeed is for my tattoos i don't know if the heartbeat sensor doesnt have power or something like, when i put the watch in a place without tattoos it working perfectly
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Hi Alextatoo,

Thanks for the reply. About the tattoos and the heart rate monitor, there is another topic about this. 🙂
Oh I wish mine would work, calls never fail I always get them just everything else is intermittent. Is it because I have an iPhone. Hopefully not. Please help in getting this resolved it’s getting a joke tbf
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Hi @scottuk,

Sorry to hear about the situation.

Have you checked @Ove's reply by any chance?

If not, please try the troubleshooting steps provided and let me know if you still inquire further assistance about this, I will be more than happy to assist!

Best wishes,


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