Watch GT burn mark on wrist

Been wearing my watch for a while now, noticed yesterday my wrist was hurting, when I took watch off I have a round sore burn mark where the face sits, anyone else have this πŸ˜”πŸ™„

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Hi Stevienorcross,

That must hurt! Is it the same as in this topic? @Pippin who started that topic found out it's nickle allergy! Maybe its the same for you?

Is anyone else's watch causing this to happen? Skin has even blistered in some areas. I've worn silicone straps before and no issues but now this has happened.
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Hey @CaptainOrange,

That doesn't look good! 😮 Has there been friction between your skin and the watch? I moved your topic to this thread because it seems like @Stevienorcross had the same. And in this topic it was caused by nickle allergy.
@Amy Hi no no friction and I'm. Not allergic to nickle. And the markings are from the strap not watch face.
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Hi CaptainOrange, I am using Watch GT and at first I was wearing it too tight and had similar marks/discomfort, which intensified going between hot and cold environments. Once I loosened the strap those problems disappeared.
Hi no not sure if it's that either as I wear my watch quite loose already. Think I'll just change it and see what happens
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CaptainOrange wrote:

Hi no not sure if it's that either as I wear my watch quite loose already. Think I'll just change it and see what happens

Also of note is that Watch GT uses a common lug size so you can get straps to suit you and regular watch professionals can fit them for you.
Yes, I too have had issues with the watch strap, very uncomfortable. I am sure many other users will have similar problems. I do not have any allergies.

Please see photos. Can Huawei help?

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Hi @CaptainOrange, @Greatersage,

I am very sorry to hear about what has happened, and I really hope that both of you have recovered well and the skin irritation has not occurred again!

In this case I would STRONGLY recommend making an appointment with your doctor about the injuries sustained.

After this, please contact our hotline directly at 08000886700 free of charge of course or you can reach us via e-mail at

Hope you found this helpful.
Best wishes,
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That is an allergic reaction either to your wrist strap or the sweat. You also probably have the watch set slightly higher than you could with heartbeat sensor still working. You can buy third party watch straps off Amazon. I bought a genuine leather one for less than Β£15 for the same reason.


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