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Looks like the latest update 10522 has fixed the double notification problem.
For me partially, when I receive an email on the outlook app, I get 1 summary and 1 specific message.
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I have latest version 10522 and still have two notifications from Slack.
brozikcz wrote:

I have latest version 10522 and still have two notifications from Slack.

Is it the same as Outlook?

1st notification is a summary, "copy of the first message" or "2 new messages" (you'll see when the second message arrives)
2nd notification is the message itself
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No, isn't. It's only duplicate of first notification.
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ianonline wrote:

Unfortunately because of this multiple notification issue i returned my watch for refund whilst I could. Real shame as it was otherwise a great watch
I will keep my eyes peeled on this forum to see if a firmware update/resolution is found, I may then go back to it

Hi, if you got whatsapp or other third party Apps double notifications, this might be a third-party app issue, which has been fixed, just keep your Huawei Health App the latest version.
Is there a way to disable WhatsApp message summary? Every time a new message arrives I also receive how many messages I have to read on the phone (but I've already read it on watch!)

I think the phone app (Huawei health) send the same notification we read on the phone status bar 🤔
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Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that we are still looking into this matter and have not forgotten you guys!

As soon as we will receive news in regards to this matter we will make sure to let you know ASAP.

Best wishes,


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