Watch GT Update failed

Hi guys.

Since last week my watch is trying to update from to, but the update fails.

All process runs well, the download on my P20 Pro, transfer to watch, watch reboot, everything looks fine, but when I check, the watch is still with the older version and the update is indicated on Huawei Health to be done.

Sometimes the watch tries automatically, and so, the process runs and nothing happens again.

I have no error message, nothing.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks a lot

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So no one knows what can be happening?

I have the same problem from version to Help please
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Hi all,

Thank you for bringing this up! This inquiry is a software issue with the device. To sort this out, first of all, please clear the cache of the application from the phone by going to Settings > Apps and notifications.

Then, from the watch, please swipe down to Settings, then please select "Unpair and reset". After doing this, please pair the watch again with the device and perform the update.

I trust this information will be of assistance in this inquiry. Nevertheless, if you have any other questions or issues, please let me know.

Best wishes,
Thanks for your help, @Max , but didn't work.

I cleared the cache and reset the watch (losing all data), and run the update process, but the version in watch still

So, what can I do?

Thanks again.
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Hey @Emanuel Alexandre Tavares , welcome back!

Sorry to hear about the situation of your device, and thank you for the feedback after you have attempted the suggested troubleshooting.

In this case I would recommend having the device inspected by one of our engineers at the service center for a more hands-on approach.
For the UK region you can arrange the service booking via mail chat or hotline (at 08000886700 free of charge of course) via
Or if you would like I can also facilitate this for you via PM.

Hope you found this helpful.
Best wishes,
Thanks a lot, @Max .

In fact I live near a Huawei office here in Lisbon.

I'll try to go there tomorrow.

Best regards and have a nice weekend.
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Hi @Emanuel Alexandre Tavares,

Did you find a service centre nearby? Will you keep us updated? 🙂
Hi @Amy ,

Unfortunately I couldn't go to service centre last Saturday, but be sure that I'll put here the end of this story.

Best regards


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