Huawei Mate 10 Pro harsh white rim effect around black texts

  • 13 November 2018
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Hi, has anyone noticed a harsh white rim effect around black texts on white backgrounds? My new phone's (Huawei Mate 10 Pro) display has this problem. Reading black texts over white backgrounds is annoying on this display.

Any ideas, please? Thanks!

5 replies

Have you tried changing the theme?? If I have issues I'd change font size or change the theme to see if that makes a difference!
Thanks Rick!

Yes, I tried all the possible settings, but couldn't find a solution.

However, It's not related to the theme. This effect can even be seen in the settings app or any webpage that has a white background and black texts. It's really bad with the Kindle app. The letters seem bevelled from its white background (especially when the brightness is low).
I have just got a mate 10 pro and noticed the same thing! I'm in a 14 day return period so really would like to know if this got sorted or not as it's kind annoying, make me eyes feel like they are flicking across the page too fast

Im wondering if it's because it's an OLED screen instead the IPS LCD that im used to on my P9 phone..
I checked several other brands and models with AMOLED displays and found the same issue in more or less degrees; I agree that Mate 10 Pro is in the harsh side. At the same time, the dark mode in many apps made me forget the issue and also perhaps I'm now used to it 🙂
Thanks Sam!
As I often swap between phones and don't really like the whole black settings, it's good for night though. I think I'll swap it!

Im one of those people who is paid to notice small issues with systems and not ignore them, so i know it will just bug me!!

Glad you are enjoying it though, I'd prefer to keep my p9 but it's out lived it's battery now...