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  • 13 August 2018
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Im new on here so please be gentle 🙂

I have just bought a P20 pro, the selfie camera lacks any detail and its over exposed. Does anyone else have this issue?

My software version is


51 replies

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Hey @Crawshaw09

When you click on Julians name, you go to his profile. You can send him a private message there.

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Hey @Crawshaw09,

I reported this to the software team. They told me that at the moment there are no plans to change it yet. We will include any updates on this topic in this thread.

Sorry that we can't fixt this for you right away!
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Hi Crawshaw09!

We are glad that you are using our device.

In response to your query, we need you to provide us with the IMEI number(Settings > System > About the phone) and the build number(Settings > System > About the phone) of the device, to forward this information to the proper department, so that they can take it into account for future updates and development.

We also inform you that the main feature of the update 152 is the update of the Turbo acceleration technology GPU.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.😁

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@Amy i have just seen online that the FFC has been fixed on update .152. Im currently on .131, please can you let me know if this is true?
Also what is update .152 & when will it come to the uk ?
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Any news on this? its been a month now, The FFC is unusable in low light at the moment.
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Hi all

Ive just realized i created this post over 5 month's ago and still no fix has happened. I've just noticed max has said he will pass this over to the updates team. The same thing was said when i created this topic. It's been 6mths next week since i raised the problem.

So i wouldn't hold out for a fix unfortunately.

Might be time to look elsewhere when my contract ends as the support and software updates don't make me feel confident.
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Do you perhaps have a sample photo you can upload to show us? It doesn't have to be a selfie of you 😉
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Theres quite a difference between those photos. The stock camera app on the P20 Pro has a beauty mode that cannot yet be disabled when shooting using the front camera, even when the filter is turned all the way down. I just ran the same test as you using the same apps and I had the same result so the good news I guess is that your phone isn't faulty, the 'issue' is the overly aggressive software which is adding filters to photos taken with the front camera (and seemingly judging by the third photo you posted it's also compressing these images).

This can be rectified with software updates - and we have seen improvements to the camera in recent releases, but for now all I can suggest is to keep on using a third-party app if you are unhappy with the stock camera.
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It just seems like the 24mp front camera is a gimmick.. they have missed a great opportunity here I think.

Was this an issue on the Mate 10 & the P10 plus? This is the first Huawei phone you see. Hopefully this gets sorted soon.

Thanks for your help.
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This is disappointing to hear, there needs to be an option to turn beauty mode off all together. As you can see from my photos its lowering the image file massively.

There is no sharpness at all in any selfie.
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Hi Julian

Ive not had a single update since July like many others, so not holding out too much hope for a camera fix.
Been onto chat who told me my phone has 3 updates pending and has had since July. They said there is nothing they can do.
Hi, I just got he new mate20 pro, and this is probably the worst feature i have ever seen on a camera. The selfies are ridiculous. If this doesnt change soon, i'm definitely going to sell my phone and unfortunately go back to iphones.
Hi all! Recently i started noticing the flaws in my Huawei P20 Front Camera as i started using it for more than a month now. When the light is behind me, the selfie became blurred, which was very different as compared to if there is light in front of me. Suddenly the images became non-HD like. Recently i also tried to capture fireworks in my background as i took selfies. The whole screen will turn White before it captured the pictures. And the pictures turned out to be blurred! I did not manage to capture any clear pictures with my front camera in the end. Im starting to doubt the quality of the camera of P20 though the back camera quality remains good. When there are lights in the ceiling, there are so much reflection in the screen and from the light (like a streak of light from the lamps). Helppp 😢 Is the camera meant to be this way or it is spoiled? Thanks!
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Hey @Polba123,

I moved your question to this thread. Please read the comments above. 🙂
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Hello all.

I'm adding a new issue to the mix. I've noticed that the front camera has got some strange zooming issues on my mate 10 pro.
Here's my face on video mode beauty set to 0

Here's my face beauty set to > 0

And here's my face on photo mode

Why are they all zoomed in at different amounts?
I think this is why Snapchat and messenger look so 'zoomed in'
@Amy @Max any ideas?
Hello everyone, new huawei user here.

I have just started using the p20 pro (bought 2nd hand/used) for a few weeks, and so far I'm loving it. I have a few question on the video functionality, though.

I noticed that whenever I switched to video, the image is cropped, compared to the image I got when using it in picture/photo mode. In short, it's not as wide as when I'm taking a picture. It's like I'm using a zoom, although I'm not. Recently I went on a trip, and I was pleased with the landscape wide angle pictures I took, but I can't shoot videos with the same wide field of view.

Later on, I found a funny thing. In video mode, if I choose the beauty effect to anything but 0, the image would be wider (like zoomed out) compared to if the beauty is set to 0. But still not as wide as in picture mode. I have some screenshots to show what I meant:

All 3 pictures were taken from the same distance and position. Picture 1 is in photo mode, picture 2 in video mode with 0 beautify, picture 3 in video mode with 1 (or any value) beautify. Is there any way that I can shoot videos with the same wide angle like when I'm taking a picture? I tried Open Camera app, but the image is still cropped.

Also, is there any way I can turn off the image stabilization feature when I'm shooting a video? I think it's interfering with my gimbal. I know a bit about photography, and from what I know, 2 (or more) separate stabilization systems working together is not a good thing. I should just use one, and turn off the others.

Thank you in advance.
Hi i only got my Huawei p 20 pro , and i already regret it. Not only front camera is absolutely rubbish, and no where near the 24 mp quality it claims to be, now i have a new problem. When i use the build in camera (not third party app, just the original one) when i try to record it zooms in automatically! Heres some examples, its super annoying. Please help 😞.

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Hi @kittycanscratch,

I moved your comment here to avoid double topics. Please read this thread and follow Max's advice and share your details with him in a PM. He will be able to share this with the development team. 🙂
When can we expect an update on the Selfie camera? HDR+ etc,

I don't think it should be that hard to port down whatever code is in the p30 pro and adjust it to the p20 pro.

I recieved my Huawei-phone last week
and I just noticed that pictures taken
with the front camera becomes blurry.
I take a lot of pictures, so I would
think that the problem just occured.
Everything looks fine just before taking
the picture, but when looking at them
afterwards there is no focus on the face at all.

Thanks for any help!
Eyy guys, for real.. How long will it take you to fix this beuity-mode problem. I dont want my face to look ugly Photoshoped everytime i take a picture with the front camera. Got this amazing p20 pro but only thing thag saddens me with the phone is this. And if its not geting fixed by near future i shall change phone because this is serious for me and all of the consumers of this product. Thanks and goodluck!
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Hi, @Polba123
According to your description, this phenomenon is more normal. Huawei's self-timer mode has a face recognition function, which ensures that the face is normally exposed in any scene, that is, the face brightness is normal when self-timer is taken. In the case of backlighting, in order to enhance the brightness of the face, the background brightness is increased and overexposure is formed.

When taking a selfie, it is recommended that you avoid backlighting as much as possible. If the background is too bright, it will lead to overexposure and the background will be completely white.
I also have the P20 Pro and I must say the blurring of photos really make them bad. Overall the camera isn't bad, its actually quite good, but the effect that gets "added" to photos afterwards just ruins them.

Huawei should really get their act together and fix this, as it seems nobody likes this and overall it really lowers the worth of the phone.
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@RT83_ita a here you go, try downloading an app called open camera
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Hi all,

Thank you for taking your time to report on the situation and providing us with further information.

Could you kindly PM me in private with the following of the device:
  • Serial Number
  • Build Number
The information above is needed to escalate this further to our development team.

Should we have any news, we will keep you updated on the situation!

Best wishes,