USB-c no sound mate 10 pro

  • 28 October 2018
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Hi,hope there's a simple fix for this one, phone was unresponsive and had to turn it on noticed it was hotter than normal and got a warning removed head phones as they were plugged,in turned on a bit later all good but no sound through head phones. charges ok ,connects to pc ok reset settings stumped read up a bit nothing to solve it, thinking possibly hardware not uncommon to what I have read any idea??
Standard headphones via usb-c
Mate 10 pro
asked this in a pm to huawei also

6 replies

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Hy tomuk,

If you could pm me with more details of the phone such as IMEI, Build number, and more followup details of the fault and how it manifests, I will gladly assist you to the max :)

Hi Max
My Mate 10 Pro doesn't recognize the head phones. I used different adapters with different phones. But it charges without problem (also FastCharge). What can I do?
Some activities in Save-Mode? Is it possible to do a reset of the USB-C?
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Hi BamboleSG

A hard reset would do the trick if its a software conflict. To hard reset the device, you simply have to power off the device in question. Once it is off please press and hold the Volume Up Key and the Power Button for about 30 seconds. The device will then boot into a new menu with only 3 visible options. The middle option is the Factory Reset that we are looking for. After the device finishes the reset it will come back to this particular menu - to leave the menu just tap reboot system now ( the last option in the list ).
Please bare in mind that this will wipe the phone`s internal memory as well so please make a backup of any personal or important info from the device either to a PC or a Mac or to a external source of your choice.

Let me know how it goes after doing the hard reset and as always if you need any further assistance please feel free to contact us via forum or via mail, chat or hotline at

Best wishes,
Hi Max, I have the same problem. My Huawei Mate 10 Pro USB-C Type Headset is no working also I tried other USB-C Type headset got the same problem. And my big problem now is when tried to connect to PC, USB not recognized. I updated all drivers pertaining to the phone. But still not working.
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Hello @n00vee ,

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues with the USB connection. Did you also try performing a factory reset? We should first rule out the possibility of a software issue.

If the issue persists after a factory reset, then we would have to book in the phone for service as it would mean the phone developed a hardware fault. Please let me know if that's the case and if you wish to book in the phone.

Have a great day!
Dear gays, me too i have the same problem i bought a new huawei Mate 10 pro last week in his boxe it was me who unboxed it for the first time it was good the first use after one week i installed the last update which means yesterday i did i resezrch on update menu i found android pie i was like excited after the update no sound using type c adapter type c headphone huwawei original it came in the boxe i tried factory reset by keeping volum + and power button pushed and choosing the second option nothing after.. The wierd thing is that fast charge is ok and my comptuer recognize it perfectly... Please tell me if there is any solution if it is hardware problem i will buy another phone cuz i've head that if we open it it will be no more water proof..