After i updated my huawei P8 android. the old password doesnt work anymore

  • 31 January 2019
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So i have gotten this phone from my sister. and i decided to update the android or whatever, after that i typed the password that i always unlocked the phone with, and it doesnt work anymore, i restarted the phone same thing, and the big problem is that i cant wipe the factory because my sister has her photos and her stuff there and she needs them!! PLEASE HELP!

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Hi @Mo777,

I understand your inquiry. If the password is not working at all, it means that it might have been introduced incorrectly.

Nevertheless, if it is not working at all, the only way to unlock it and bypass that is to perform a hard reset on the device. This will bring the phone to its initial settings, therefore removing the screen lock.

To perform the hard reset, you will have to power off the device, then press and hold the volume up and the power key at the same time until the device will boot up in a new menu. It will have three options and one of those will be "Wipe data factory reset". Please select that one and proceed.

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