Connecting p10 to public or open wifi

  • 11 May 2019
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If I try to connect to an open or public wifi ( hotel train etc) all I get is a qr code on the screen. I have no idea what to do with it. Other people are mystified by it. Hotel receptionists say they have no idea how I can get past the qr screen to get on their wifi. Please someone help me reset or whatever this phone before I throw it in the bin. Thanks Mike

5 replies

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have you followed this:
on the 4th screenshot press "show advanced options" to see if theres anything relating to the qr code.

Another possible solution is here:
thanks. I have no problem connecting to wifi that requires a password. It is "open" unsecured wifi as in a hotel or train that the p10 generates a qr code instead of connecting like other phones do. I cannot get rid of the qr code so cannot connect to the wifi. other phones don't seem to have the same problem. Tried it yesterday on a ferry and the info desk said they had no idea what to do with it.
I will try the second option next time I am in an open wifi situation. hope it works as it incredibly frustrating when other phones have no problem and this allegedly good one is incapable of accessing public wifi. thanks again for replying.
I have a problem connecting to the WIFI in my gym. So usually there should be an internet site popping up, where I would choose to connect. But in 99% of the cases I try to connect, it doesn't and the phone just says "no internet connection". Whats weird is, two times it worked and I got the little popup that's opening the connection site on the browser.
I talked to the gym staff and they said there should be no problems and their wifi was just checked recently and it would be even faster now. Other people don't seem to have the same problem (I would guess that there are a lot of iPhone users).

Does anybody know a workaround to fix this?
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Hey @Uneternal,

I moved your question here to avoid double threads. Please read the comments and let us know if it helped. 🙂