Do not disturb settings menu won't open P9

  • 12 July 2019
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I'm using a Huawei P9
EMUI version 5.0.4
Android version 7.0

I cannot open the settings menu for do not disturb, in the actual settings main menu when I press do not disturb to get into the settings it doesn't open and settings itself minimises and I get sent back to the home screen and if I try to open it from the drop-down menu by hold pressing it doesn't open either.

I would like to know how to fix this as I can't currently change my list of contacts that can disturb me because that option is in the menu which, to me, is inaccessible.

I made a screen recording and a YouTube channel because I can't just upload it:
Video I couldn't embed


1 reply

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Hey Hawely,

Sorry for the lack of replies in your thread. Unfortunately the community do not seem to have an answer for your query. Please reach out to our official support channels if you still need assistance: