EMUI stuck on 5.1 P10 Plus

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Have you tried firmware finder?
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I have two p20 phones. First have all features: dark mode, WiFi calling, gpu turbo and its European version c432(I bougth that in Vodafone salon vendor hw, country eu).Second one still stuck on April's update becouse it's UK version c782 and no features like first one have. I bought that in (Vendor Vodafone, country UK.) And most interesting thing: on European version all Vodafone settings works fine, but for UK version Vodafone not giving promision to Huawei release the updates. So quastion. What I should do with p20 UK c782 version. I could change region but Huawei not giving bootloading code anymore.
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I've got a mate 9 which hasn't had an update since November last year can't get a sensible response from Huawei as to why just that an update is coming sometime. I see the oneplus 6 is being updated to pie in the next few days why can't Huawei be that quick while we are still waiting for Oreo. Perhaps Oneplus would be a better buy for my next phone
Im UK based and I got a Huawei P10 Plus when they came out. It's factory unlocked, not rooted or unlocked bootloader. Since the first day I bought this phone I didn't have a single official update or security update patch! If it wasn't for Huawei Firmware finder on PlayStore i would still be stuck on whatever version! Why is this Huawei model so neglected? Considering I paid good money for it, I feel I was dooped. Unfortunately for some reason Firmware finder stopped working. Is there anyone out there that could tell me what's going on? Many thanks
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Lucky you still on 5.1 on my Mate 9 😬 😬
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Happy to read that you received the update. Thanks for letting us know!

To update this thread, I am literally downloading Oreo as I type. Huawei must have pushed a very new release as it includes August 2018 security patches.

Public thanks to Max for the help.
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Sorry to hear about the issues that you are experiencing with the Google Play. In response, you can try the following troubleshooting steps in attempt to solve your issue:

Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play services > Storage > Clear cache > Manage space > Clear all data

Then repeat the same steps with the Google Play Store as well (with clear data instead of Manage space > Clear data)

Hope this proves useful


Since the Android Pie (9) was only recently released, we haven't received any official information what devices will receive the upgrade in the UK or when. Nevertheless, if you wish, you can send me a private message with further details, so I can check the update status for your phone. To send a private message, simply click on my name in the post and, in the page the opens, select Send message. Looking forward to your reply!

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So is this the same for p10 seeing there is talk of emui9 being rolled out soon I thought all products should at least have 8 beforehand
Hi, I have the same problem and I have a p10 plus. I think this is the reason why I'm having some issues also with Google Play - like all of a sudden I'm not able to download apps and updates..
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Same here Roger got a mate 9 been stuck on 5.1 since November last year and very frustrating
Thanks Max, I have PM'ed you.
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Hi Roger!

Glad to hear that you are using one of our products! :D

Regarding your question, we can confirm that the P10 Plus is scheduled to receive the Oreo update, together with the EMUI 8. Please bear in mind that the update packs are made available in batches, so not all devices are receiving them at the same time.

That being said, if you would please be so kind as to provide me your phone's IMEI number in a private message, I can check if the Oreo update is available for your phone.

To send a private message, simply click on my name in the post and, in the page the opens, select Send message. Please do not post the IMEI number in this discussion.

Looking forward to check this information for you!