Has anyone else's P9 nearly burnt the house down?

  • 8 March 2019
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I put my P9 on to charge this morning, and noticed a funny smell in the room (after about 10 minutes) and when i touched it it was too hot to touch. I burnt my fingers pulling the charger out, and it was literally smoking! I'm so glad I didn't put it on to charge overnight or that could've ended badly. Has anyone else experienced this, and is there any kind of support from Huawei to replace the handset? It is approximately two years old.

3 replies

I never had that issue, I've heard of similar issues with other phones though but that's when it's with a different charging cable due to the different power supplies. Is it the official charger?
No it's not the official Huawei charger (lost that) but it's one I've been using for months, a much slower one than the official one that came with the phone.
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The problem is as you state the 3rd party charger that was hot to the touch.

Unfortunately these vary in quality.