Huawei P Smart - No notifications

  • 24 March 2019
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Any ideas why my Huawei P Smart gets no notifications until i unlock my screen.Is there anything in settings i have to change to get notifications when it's asleep? Soon as i do unlock my screen i'll get Sky News notifications & so on come through.I have earthquake apps launched but again nothing comes through.

5 replies

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Try going to
Settings > Battery > More Battery Settings
Make sure 'Stay connected when device sleeps' is on.
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Hi Christopher,

Have you tried the tip Lifelust gave you? 🙂

Please take a look at this topic:
8 tips on how to use app notifications
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Hi, Christopher! Thank you for reaching out!

I would kindly recommend you to enter Settings > Apps and notifications > notifications management > three dots > Lock screen notifications > Display all notifications.

You can try the steps provided by @Lifelust as well 🙂

I hope our answer proves to be helpful!

Best wishes,
I'll be going back to LG.
I'm having a similar problem with my P Smart 2019. I usually get a notification when I receive an email or message but sometimes I don't. I've selected 'Stay connected when device sleeps' in battery settings and 'Show' and 'Notifications turn on screen' in lock screen notifications. Is there anything else that I can do about this?