Huawei p10 Lite - Caller unabe to hear me

  • 25 June 2019
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Hi people,

Before i start i'm not very tech savvy , and my descriptions may be lacking

I have a P10 Lite and the problem is

When people call me or i call them they cannot hear me.
If i turn on speaker they can hear me
The Google voice thing ( again i don't know the tech term ) can hear me

I've searched and searched the internet and forums for 3 days and found some tips , all of which don't work for me

Cleaned speaker holes
Factory reset twice
smart diagnosis of the microphone
turned off google voice

Is it a conflict between the call and other apps interrupting it ?

So please,i love this phone , up until now the best i've ever owned. Can anybody offer any advice to a novice like myself before i throw it out of the window

I just want to make a damn call !

Many thanks


1 reply

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Hey Murph,

Sorry to see that you are having these issues o your P10 Lite! Good think that you already tried a lot.

If the issues still persist after these steps, the device would have to be sent to our service department for a more hands-on approach. Please contact our support channels to get assistance: (UK).

Will you keep us updated? Thanks! 🙂