Huawei P8 Lite charging port burnt out

  • 17 May 2019
  • 2 replies

I've already contacted costumer services about this problem, but they failed to get back to me.

3 weeks ago, as I usually do I put my phone on charger overnight.
About 2 hours later the pungent smell woke me as I noticed the phone melting around the charging slot. I've immediately switched off the wall socket but as I tried to remove the cord from the phone it broke. The charging port was damaged, not that I would like to charge this phone after this.

Since the phone is almost 2 years old it doesn't have warranty anymore, but I feel like this is a problem that shouldn't be happening to a device no matter how old it is.

2 replies

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@stamas94 , 😲. Scary stuff. Glad you're ok. I've flagged this for the support team so they can look at it.
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I'm sorry about the inconvenience @stamas94 !

Could you please send your device's Serial and Build number to @CharlieT, with #chargingportburntout as the description?

This way we could escalate this, so this can be resolved.

Some additional info, which might prove useful is the description and parameters of the power outlet you've used.