Huawei psmart slower after update

After update my phone isnt the same it was
And ram usage is alot higher
Anyone can help?

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Hi @Psmart user 8 - can you provide some more information. Which update? Also, a reset might help resolve things:

I think its that EMU 9.1
That changed my icons a little bit and android version
Same issue, it's a lot laggier: apps are slow to launch and load content. App switcher is ugly and wonky and choppy: even the rounded corners are crappy. The update is not at all what the update text described (faster file system and apps). It's wonky now (besides the app icons being fat and ugly).

Fix please 🙂
Agree, slow and sluggish, much faster battery consumption, really poor job on this update. Also the icons on the last version were better. Needs sorting as soon as possible. Doing Huawei's reputation a lot of damage.
It's terrible, borderline unusable since the update to pie.

It's slow, opens apps by itself, and the lag is ridiculous.

Seriously considering a move to another brand as a result. They obviously did not test this update for this phone whatsoever.
Same here. Please repair, issue an update, or I have to buy a new phone. It's unusable now - used to be a good quick phone.
Same here after update phone is sluggish, Spotify starts of judder, phone is unresponsive borderline unusable. I have 2 years left on my contract with this price of junk now. Thanks Huawei - thanks a bunch
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@Huawei 5-0 - sorry to hear this, does a reset helped?
Not tried it yet but reluctant to do so as would I not lose all my stuff on my phone? Pics music etc?
Yes, you would. You'd need to back up first. I don't want to do it either, only as a very last resort... There is no explanation as to why this happened though, and I'm clearly not the only one.

BTW, your "Huawei 5-0" is clever, if it wasn't for the fact it's pronounced' wha-way' 😉
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Hi all!

I am truly sorry that you are experiencing this situation, it must be hard to deal with it!

I will send these cases to the development team so they can check what happened with the update process and solve this as quick as possible.

Please be patient, I will be back with some updates soon!

Wish you the best,
Great, I await a solution with baited breath.
Another user here facing issues with the latest Pie update. As everyone else has explained, lots of lag, faster battery consumption etc.

Only had the P Smart 2019 for a few days, but intend on returning it as soon as I can.
Hi i am having same issue with the phone. always less than 1GB ram available out of 3GB. less than 300mb at times. please help reset made it worse.
There are several other threads with many other users complaining also. It's not an isolated case, it's a widespread issue.
Strange how this issue has been reported over a month ago and still no update to try fix. i would swap phones but i cant afford one please fix this issue already phone is no where near as good as it was 6mths ago
Was supposedly escalated two weeks ago and still nothing.... See above.

My next phone won't be a Huawei, despite my last 3 being one.
Well, sold my P Smart and traded in for a Moto, a far more competent device. Pretty much lost all faith in Huawei/Honor.
Latest update has improved things.... But still not as good or as fast as it was prior to the pie update.
Which update is this, as I had EMUI 9.1 when I initially set up the device, and have not had any further updates since?
As others have said I now have 1gb of RAM available vs 3gb before the update, apps are slow to launch /don't launch, Spotify lags and crashes and the thing that's reaaaaally annoying is when you cascade the currently running apps and then go back into the page you were just on, it resets! E.g. Scroll down a page, check apps and go back and the page is at the top. The same goes mid-tweet.

This phone is better than the one I had for the 2 years before in terms of specs (and did work better for the first 2 days) but after the update it's shit!
Hope it can get fixed soon or I'll need to return it.
As with others, the five psmarts I gave as presents last Christmas, all mentioned they are now getting unusable after the android 9 updates, the camera especially takes over 30 seconds to start sometimes with a black screen. The wipe cache partition helped for a day however two users of the phones say they just became slow again. Factory resets as a maybe fix is crazy in 2019, please update? Phones are not even a year old and software bloat?
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Hello all!

Please send me your serial and build numbers in private message so I can have a deeper search on this!

Looking forward to your messages!

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have further issues! You can send a private message as well, if you want this kind of assistance!

Have a lovely day!

All the best,
Same problem here, info send.