My p9 battery dies every day

  • 24 August 2018
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Hi @Hypersonic,

Sorry to hear about the situation you are facing.
Have you read my post above? Our customer care team would be more than happy to help you book the device in our official SBE service center for an inspection, or I can do it personally if you pm me!

I trust this information is of assistance!
The device hast already been in a service centre but just like I said, it's not device but software related.

Hopefully they'll finally role out the upgrade that might fix the issue as well.

If I would have been able to unlock my bootloader I'ld have switched to another system a long time ago. It's hilarious that one of the most successful smartphones had to wait for an upgrade until two newer ones have been published before and it seems like the upcoming upgrade won't be done before Google publishs Fuchsia OS 😃
HI. I have done the over night battery test on my P9 Lite. My battery goes down to 85% from being fully charged and in flight mode. It also shuts down and then when I start it up after not having charged it, it miraculously has 25% battery life. I am based in Cape Town South Africa. My P9 Lite is just over 2 years old. Please help.
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Hi @clintflyboy,

I've moved your post here, as this thread covers the same issue you are experiencing. Given the results of the test, I would recommend you either contact your local service center or PM Max to let him know. Thanks.