One Hand Mode on P Smart 2019

  • 18 March 2019
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Hi All,

I bought the P Smart 2019 two days ago and I wanted to use the one hand function but it does not exist on my phone...
Just so whoever is reading this is satisfied that I am was given the correct information when attempting to switch the one hand UI on - Settings>Smart Assistance>One Hand UI BUT the one hand UI is not there on my phone but when I go on the internet, every screen shot of people doing this has the one hand UI.
All that is my smart assistance page is Accessibility, HI Touch, Motion Control, Mistouch prevention and Scheduled power on/off

Any help would be great,

Best answer by Germantas 10 May 2019, 09:12


No, phone didn't get One hand mode out of the box, maybe it will be in the next update.

best regards.
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I have the same issue. Does anyone know if the function is available in the UK? Not sure why it wouldn't be..
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When i purchased the phone, i thought the one handed mode would be 100% there because it's a tall display and very hard to reach all of it if you are not using 2 hands to operate it...
Huawei, what are you doing?
Does anyone there actually think about features that could be useful for the users?
Where is double tap to wake for example...
I've seen people in the UK on YouTube that have the one handed mode feature?

Do Huawei even look at these forums? It would be nice if a reply was forthcoming
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Hey everyone!

We are looking at the forum indeed and we're collecting as much feedback as possible. We're sorry about the lack of the one handed UI!

We'll be looking into this, in the meantime please check for updates frequently because it's very possible that it will appear in the next one.

Feel free to let us know if you've found any other bugs.

Still no sign of one handed mode. Or a definitive answer as to why it isn't included or when it will be.

It's a struggle to use the phone without it. Makes no sense not to include it.
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No, phone didn't get One hand mode out of the box, maybe it will be in the next update.

best regards.
Hi Germantas,

I have waited patiently waited for the update and just installed the 9.1 update. However there is still no sign of one handed mode.