P Smart 2019 - Private Space feature not available in settings

  • 28 January 2019
  • 6 replies

I purchased the P Smart 2019 2 days ago. The device runs (C432E8R1P12). I tried to activate the Private Space feature in settings > security & privacy but unfortunately I couldn't find this feature ??? Can you assist me in this issue.

6 replies

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Hi @Abed Dimachkia, Welcome on the community!

Maybe @Alkopite4ever and @owenmahamilton are able to help you? As they both also use the P Smart 2019.
I do not use the P Smart 2019 at all, in fact I'm considering not buying one now so please don't tag me in future replies, thank you.
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Sorry for the tag Owen!
I have the same problem on my p smart + 2019. Anyone able to help me with this? The private space feature doesn't exist, there is no firmware update and i also factory resetted the phone twice.
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I wonder if this is a feature that's been turned off for the marketplace of the users?

Y7 smart doesn't have app twin as a feature in Egypt.

What market are you in.
European, African, Asian?
Im in Europe. I do have the app twin feature, just not the Private Space.