P smart update issues

  • 30 July 2019
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I was so happy with my p smart phone I bought just after Christmas. It stayed charged for days. Everything worked perfectly. I downloaded the upgrade only because I thought there were important security patches. I am so disappointed. The first thing I noticed that was wrong after the upgrade was the sound. I always turn the sound off at night. I used to use the button on the side and then press silent mode. Now I have to go in to settings to press silent mode. But it doesn't work! I was woken up twice in the night by media noises. Every time I want to put the sound on or off I have to go in to settings and drag the sound bars fully on or fully off for each feature, alarm, media, calls etc because it does not automatically change them as before. The next thing which doesn't work properly now is charging. Before it charged so quickly it was impressive. Now it often won't charge at all. And it drains quickly. What exactly was the point of this upgrade? The icon colours have changed and look more tacky which I would accept if it weren't for these other important issues. To be honest I am shocked that Huawei would allow an update to be rolled out to the whole world with these bugs. To some of us phones are a really important means of keeping in touch and we simply need them to work! They should enhance daily life not create stress and waste time. Now I am seriously going to have to think about getting a different phone. I refused to get an iPhone but perhaps people are right about it! So disappointed.

3 replies

I'm not a tekkie on mobiles but I do know when something is wrong on it! This morning I turned on mobile and 1st I find it all looks different and works different! What the bloody heck is going on?
1. Open app, close app, touch square at base to re visit app and all the app windows show up in a line that you've worked in. However that nice little square button top right, for when you want to close app window is completely gone! Tried moving window to recycle bin, it don't go!
2. In messaging, the colours are bad. Preferred old setting.
3. All the app logos have increased in size and look naff.
4. Side sound bar, pull down bar for sound, lighting, WiFi etc are also naff. Much preferred the previous settings on it.
5. Internal memory seems to be eaten up by every update going, now forced to purchase extra memory sd card!
6. Unable to revert to old update as I'm totally useless with tekkie stuff!! And I don't think I can do it anyways.
So what do I do with the flipping phone now!? Half way through contract so no good changing yet.
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Hi everyone!

We are truly sorry for these inconveniences!

In this case I would strongly recommend you to perform a hard reset!

First, make sure the device is switched off. After that you will need to press and hold the Power button and the volume up button for about 15 seconds. Your device gets to the recovery menu, you will be able to browse between those options by using the Volume up and Volume down button.

Within that menu, you will need to select the following option "Wipe data / Factory Reset". The device will ask you to reconfirm that action and after you reconfirm it, it will take a couple of seconds for the internal storage to be erased.

The next step involves Rebooting the device. After the internal storage has been erased, you will be prompted with another menu and within that menu, you will need to select Reboot system.

It might take up to 10 minutes for the factory settings to overwrite the existing settings, so do not worry if you will have a longer loading screen.

Let me know if the issue persists!

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have further issues! You can send a private message as well, if you want this kind of assistance!

Have a lovely day!

All the best,