P10 Lite activate camera from lockscreen

  • 6 July 2019
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Hi, I have the P10 Lite. When I first got it, there was a handy camera icon on the lock screen so I could access the camera quickly. Daughter decided to change all the wallpapers and I cannot get the icon back on the screen. I have been through all the menus/reverted to original wallpapers etc etc, but I cannot see how to activate it again. I know pressing the volume button will do same job but I find that too fiddly. Help!

3 replies

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Hi Rosie,

Welcome on the community and thank you for asking your question. I flagged this topic for our support team. 🙂
Thank you so much!!!!
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You are welcome Rosie! Maybe @drhouse @picitup or @ClogPower are able to help you in the meantime?