p9 lite loudspeaker so weak

  • 22 August 2019
  • 4 replies

HHi guys, my Huawie P9 lite loadspeaker just get so weak by it self without any reason, I tried to restart my mobile, turn it off and on again, tried to find program fix that to me but no use, please I need help with that to solve it.

4 replies

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Hi @AhmadUsama,

Sorry to read about your issues. Please try to reset your device. You can find a how-to here:

Please let us know if this works, if not, I will flag this post for our support team.
I reset my mobile and still the same issue, IDK really I tried everything now and I am in portugal and IDK if I can find someone can look at my mobile or not
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Maybe a recent update did it. You might have to rely on a volume booster app. I recommend this one which I use on my phone: