Phone stopped recognising headphones being plugged in

  • 5 May 2019
  • 7 replies

I was using my headphones as normal today when they suddenly stopped working and my music was playing out of the speaker instead. My headphones work on other devices and I tested my phone's headphone jack with my speaker and that worked fine. I restarted my phone multiple times and nothing has helped. I've cleaned the jack but still the headphones aren't recognised. Has anyone got any ideas?

7 replies

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does your phone have the headphone icon on the notification bar on top or when you insert the headphone jack?
try cleaning gently the metal parts inside (gently) with a toothpick and try thereafter.
another solution is to try and insert the headphones jack deeper into the headphone jack on your phone, see if your phone detects it.
you could also try vacuum the hole to get the lint out .

sometimes dust gathers in the phones headphone jack and causes problems.
I have cleaned the jack and no such luck. There is no icon when the headphones are plugged in either
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try plugging your headphones with a slight force (pushing it deeper) and see if your phone tentatively detects headphones.
I've pushed them in as far as possible with a little force and still nothing
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have you tried turning off your lock screen (ie. fingerprint unlock, face unlock, pin unlock)? and see if it detects

do you have warranty? maybe your headphone jack has developed a fault.

Contact Huawei support: > click on "Get After-Sales Services" or via hotline at 08000 886 700.
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Try clearing headphone jack, blow out all dust etc.
change headphone jack,
try reseting your phone.

best regrets.
I was having problems with headphones, was only hearing music and phone calls through phone speaker. When I plugged headphones icône on the top right appeared for 1-2 seconds and disappeared.

Problem fixed by getting a new set of headphones, got original white Samsung headphones 2 X 9$ on Amazon. Problem fixed.